Not always Etsy. Not always.

The Story: You Just Drank Out Of My Cup

While not trying to make a big deal about this on social media for fear of embarrassing the persons involved, I will try to refrain from my usual dramatics and just tell the story like it is. Now, after the shock, it is a little funny. Don’t worry, names** have been changed to protect all parties involved. They are quite realistic, though, so just be careful when retelling this true tale to not get confused.

Let’s rewind to last week. Well actually, let me brief you on my current living situation. I’m living in the upstairs of my Grandma’s** house. It used to be an attic area, but she converted it with it’s own bathroom to be a pretty nice sized loft. I always joke and say, “I live in an attic.” That’s only partly true. It’s actually one of my favorite rooms I’ve ever had.

My lovely Loft.

My lovely Loft.

Back to last week! I was working from home making a few phone calls trying to get appointments set up. I was on the phone with my mom explaining some Cru stuff when I hear, “Mary, Lady Gaga** is coming up!” And I’m like, “Who’s this Lady** coming up into my room during work hours?” But of course, southern belle personality, you never say something like that to a complete stranger.

Well, Lady Gaga** enters the room in such a fury, almost not acknowledging my presence (or the fact that I was on the phone (FIRST SIGN she was never a mom to teenage girls)), and begins walking around frantically upstairs. “Wow, this is a pretty decent sized upstairs… you’ve got two beds. One here, one there. And a bathroom. Neat. Wow, a closet [THEN SHE ENTERS SAID CLOSET].”

Said closet. Lighting isn't so great, so sorry.

Said closet. Lighting isn’t so great on this side of the tundra, so sorry.

And then just like that the Lady** went right back downstairs.


The only thing that really went through my mind was: BOUNDARIES. I need to talk to my Grandma** about my job being a real job, 40-50 hours a week, and my space is my work space. I walk downstairs after my conversation and before anything could come out of my mouth my sweet 78-year-old Grandma** says, “I am so sorry about the intrusion. She just walked in the house. I tried to stop her but she just wanted to go upstairs.” Confused I asked, “Who was she?” My Grandma** explained she was an acquaintance that she hadn’t seen in THREE YEARS.

THREE YEARS PEOPLE. And she just thought it was okay to walk into someone’s house unannounced and look around the whole house asking, “What do those stairs lead to?… The basement? What’s down there?… What about these stairs?”

AND THEN… It gets worse. [Sorry, remembering to refrain from the dramatics].

Today, my Grandma* was expecting company around 10:30-11. At around 10:15 she hopped in the shower and I went back to my Loft to get some cleaning done. As soon as I sit down and put on a Bryan and Katie Torwalt song I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. In the back of my mind I’m thinking how horrible would it be if that was Lady Gaga**. I turn around and I see that same Lady** in my upstairs. I think, “Surely, that’s one of Grandma’s** bridge buddies.” Then I look down at her pants and realize, “Nuh, uh. Ain’t no southern belle coming to a bridge hangout with her friends in sweat pants. That’s Lady Gaga**.”

So, I panic a little realizing it’s me and Grandma** in the house alone. And Grandma** is in the shower. She won’t hear me scream. By the time I think to say something, Lady Gaga** is three inches away from me staring at my screen saying, “I kept hearing this song. It’s so beautiful. Who sings it? I heard it and had to come up. It is so beautiful.”

Bryan and Katie Torwalt, I fear what would have happened if that song wasn’t on. You saved my life. [DRAMATICS].

She starts walking around again frantically, this time making her way into my bathroom and rummaging through there. She comes out and says, “You sure do have a lot of stuff. You should sell some for money.” She then starts roaming around and looks at the twin sized bed and asks, “Who sleeps there?” I AM LIVING THE HIGH LIFE ALONE LADY GAGA**.

As soon as she starts walking back downstairs she sees my cup of coffee (first one in like 6 days people) and says, “Oh, this one’s still warm.” SHE PICKS THE CUP UP. PUTS THE CUP TO HER LIPS. AND DRINKS. Oh, and thennnn… she says, “MMMM. YUM YUM YUM YUM.”

That was the last straw. I called the cops. Ain’t no Lady** wandering around my house TWO TIMES and drinking my coffee OUT OF MY CUP.

Not always Etsy. Not always.

Not always Etsy. Not always.


She left before the cops came. We went back and forth with the police about a report and what could be done for her. Realizing there’s something psychologically wrong there made me want to push for us to make a complaint so that legally they would be able to intervene and help. Annnnd keep her from me, my Grandma** and my coffee.




PPS-  After the initial shock wore off, I realized that was a very potentially dangerous situation. It shook me up quite a bit. I write this blog with humor just to share what happened, but know I am taking this very seriously. Thanks for reading my bizarre stories of things that LITERALLY only happen to me and sympathizing, laughing and crying with me!

Expectant Faith in Climbing the Mountain

I listened to a break-out session from a woman with SoulSurvivor during one of our breaks at New Staff Training. She was talking about expectations versus expectant faith. We tend to think of that having expectations is such a negative thing. Really, we need to be checking where our hope and trust is found even in having those expectations. Expectations=not bad. Misplaced hope and trust=detrimental.

This lady, I’ll have to look up her name soon, then talked about expectant faith. She talked about having faith in God’s promises knowing that they will one day be fulfilled. We can pray big, huge prayers that align with scripture knowing that God will one day cause them to be fulfilled. I just love that.

Because God is good and faithful, we know that He is working even when we don’t see instant results. We can know that He is calling the nations to Himself even when we see little fruit in hard to reach countries like Senegal. I can trust that even when my eyes can’t see it, I can have expectant faith that God is and will do an amazing work in the 10/40 window.

I can trust, with this new shift to full-time campus staff stateside, that not only is God reaching college students but He is using them to reach the nations. He is bringing all tribes, tongues and nations to Himself. I am excited to be a part of this in the US getting the amazing opportunity to reach out, pour out and send out college students to the nations.

If you can’t tell, I have expectant faith that God will rebuild the movement at ECU and blow all of us away at what He does through these students. So here’s to climbing the mountain (maybe the Appalachian!) with expectant faith trusting God to provide and to move in my heart and the hearts of college students everywhere.

Cru Beginnings

:) Howdy y’all!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged and I really want to update you on my placement!

First, let me post this celeb picture:


That is me and the co-founder of Cru, Vonette Bright. She is amazing. We got a chance to hear her speak twice at our New Staff Conference. One, she’s very entertaining. Two, she is one of the most humble persons I’ve ever met. Everything she said about Bill, Cru, other ministries was saturated in grace. If I ever grow to be half the woman of faith and grace that she is, I’ll be completely content.

Also, ignore my awkward hand. I was trying to not let my certificate from the Commissioning Ceremony touch the floor. I ended up losing it later that night as I took home my roommates instead of mine and then I’m not sure what happened to mine… I’m still kicking myself.

Placement update!

As you know, when we join staff with Cru we’re joining staff with Cru being willing to go wherever there is a need. I am excited to announce that I have been placed at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina!

ECU Pirates I do realize that I left UTC who are the Mockingbirds to go to ECU which is a bearded Pirate. :) Maybe the UTC train conducting moc can be on the Pirate’s shoulder.

I am really excited about working with the staff team there at ECU. So far, Jeff and Lindsey Rhea are the only full-time staff on campus. There are two guys who are currently completing their Ministry Partner Development, and one girl (who is THE cutest) intern, and another staff woman Jen who is engaged to Kevin! She’s not back yet from serving overseas, so be praying for her right now. And then whenever you think about her. Due to her secure location, I’m not going to post her picture. But I’ll post SO many as soon as we’re both on campus together! Which fits nicely into my next transition… I am hoping to get to campus by January to jump in on the spring semester! Please be praying for that!

Here’s a picture of the Rheas, Kevin and Adam! (Thanks Kevin!)


And of course, sweet Danielle!




Lil Jen!

Lil Jen!

So that’s my new staff team! It’s coming together quite nicely! Thanks so much for your continued prayers as we all seek the Lord and seek to make Him known among the nations! Check out our website:!



Sisterhood of the Traveling.. Stuff. #WCW

Welp, it’s my first night back in my Tennessee loft. There’s a lot more quiet around here than at New Staff Training (NST) and a lot less humidity. I suppose I should praise the Lord for both of these variants, but boy am I suffering from NST withdraws! I wish I could go across the hall to Amy and Cait’s room or Leslie’s and Rach’s room and laugh for hours.

I’m sorry. RUDE. I haven’t blogged in FOR_EV_ER, so you don’t know who any of these people are. Before I begin explaining who these beauts are, I want to share such a fun “spiritual yummy” with you.

My first year on STINT, a part of our team covenant was that we’d fight to believe that all the members on our team were God’s provision to us. He provided those people, specifically placed each one on our team, and we were fully complete in Christ and not lacking anyone. I loved that idea. It really helped us to value each person and seek deep relationships with each other. I learned so much from each person on my team and love them mucho.

Going into NST, I had some expectations about training, but did not expect to walk away with a new group of prayer warrior, spunky, fun and inspiring girlfriends. I really just expected the Lord to revitalize my heart, recast vision for college ministry stateside, and to leave 100% certain this was where the Lord was leading. He exceeded all of these expectations and lavished His blessing on me through these women (and MANY others!). Truly, they were God’s provision in my life. I LOVE sisterly community and felt the Lord work through these women in my life in deep ways! Each person was specifically placed to help teach me something about myself, joy, prayer, the Lord, and community. I love each of these girls!

For my first Woman Crush Wednesday in a while I’m posting a picture of all these ladies. Here’s a few of my favorite memories with them: anointing oil, wobble dance party, mooing at people in Chick-Fil-A, EATING A STINKING LEAF, nerdy bowling, Gary, 1000 puppies, “Can I borrow that?”, “Stop.”, “Doesn’t this African kid look like Mary Mac?”, dock time, what are the odds, “I just want to dance”, skin & cheese cooler, “I’m not one of the 9″, whole fears, and my last but of course not least the one and only Jasmine Foulda.

Girls, I love everything about y’all. Happy Wednesday Friendsday ;)

New Staff Training Provision.

New Staff Training Provision.

Pink Sunsets and Africa

NEWSTAFFTRAININGCRUAlthough we’ve only really known each other for about 3 weeks, Elise and I ebb and flow together pretty well. We generally keep each other grounded to some extent. Well, last week was not one of those weeks. You see, we’re currently taking two Master’s level theology courses in two weeks. [Sidenote: help?]. It’s a lot of reading, a lot of studying, great projects, and very little sleep [ESTJ PROBS]. During this hellacious (um, maybe not the most appropriate word to describe our classes) prepatory training, we had a few minor [relative] spaz-oid moments. I was stressing; she was stressing too. We kind of fueled each other’s anxious flames… especially the day we got our placements, which will have to wait until another blog post.

Well, amid the glorious ruin of IBS classes, we made a great decision. While feeling a little [also relative] stressed with all of our assignments, we thought, “Let’s go down and read by the water!” On our way down, we see these two men and their dogs. I looked at Elise and said, “I just need to play with a dog for like five minutes. I’m going to pet that dog.” So I did.

As I was receiving much needed pet therapy, we struck up conversation with these two older men about life, Florida, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. It came up in conversation [or maybe I just always miss Africa and love talking about it so I inserted it in there...] that I lived in Africa. We talked a little bit about what I did there, Senegal, and how they needed to bypass all other American Dreams, sell all their possessions and just go ahead and move to Africa [what's life without a little adventure, right?]. Okay, so maybe I didn’t pressure them into selling everything, I did recommend visiting Senegal for mass amounts of time [nama naleen torop!].

Towards the end of the conversation, when the sun was setting, the man on the left said, “Do you know why sunsets here are pink?” Being a person who is baffled at the fact that the technology exists that can tell us at what moment the sun will set, I have no idea as to why the sunsets colors are the colors they are. Bypassing the first answer that popped into my mind, “Jeeessuuuss..”, I respond inquiringly, “Why?” He then leans in to tell me, almost like a secret, “Africa.”

“The sunsets here are affected by the heat and dust that comes off the Sahara belt. It makes our sunsets pink.”

Be still my wildly beating heart…

I walked away from that conversation enamored by God’s specific love for me. Of all the people I could have run into ['cause let's be honest, Florida is full of old people with dogs...] God placed these two men there. As Elise and I were sitting by the water and the sun was setting, I slipped deeper and deeper in love with my Savior. He sees me. He sees my heart.

He knows that part of me is and will always be there. He knows the depth of my heart that cried out, “Why?” when we saw so few students giving their lives to Christ. He reminds me almost daily that while I love Senegalese people, He loves them more. He beckons me with every pink sunset to pray for lives within the 10/40 window to move from the domain of darkness to the Kingdom of His glorious Son.

And being faithful, He will act.


To A New Creation.


One of the things that I love about the Lord is His faithfulness. He is so steadfast in His pursuit of us; He never waivers. This is an indescribably hard character trait to fully grasp since even in our most dire efforts, we can only copy His faithfulness. Our best efforts at reproducing this quality resemble a parrot mimicking his master. While with His help we can reflect His faithfulness, His faithfulness is always more steadfast, more pure, and more full than ours. Daily, I’m left wondering how He is so faithful. But He is. Always.

I have had several conversations over the past week that made me think, “Lord, you are so good and so faithful to me.” I want to share a little bit about one of those conversations, and how I am seeing His faithfulness at every stage of life.

To A New Creation

I chatted the other day with an ex-boyfriend [I know, first mistake right?] that I dated way before I became a Christian. He was asking a lot of really great questions about faith, life, and the different lifestyle I live now that I’m a follower of Christ. He made some kind of comment, that I believe was genuine, and to the tune of, “I just can’t see a free-spirit like you ever being caged to something like Christianity.” As I tried to explain the freedom that’s only offered in Christ, it hit me. The way that I used to live (getting plastered every night, doing occasional drugs, and other things we won’t address here) was his view of self-liberation. And it made me so sad.

I started praying through our conversation and just got so overwhelmed with the fact that even at those moments or utter rebellion, God saw me and was merciful enough to withhold so many consequences that my actions merited. As uncomfortable as this conversation was in some ways, the Lord was allowing me to remember where my future, hopes and dreams were before meeting Him. I was enslaved to sin. I was an addict of finding people’s approval to the extent of being walked all over in so many ways. I was not only caged, but I was dead.  There’s only so long that “lifestyle” could have gone on before something happened.

I am so incredibly thankful that the something that happened was that the Lord stepped in and redeemed my life. As I sat there reflecting on a conversation that would generally make a lot of people frustrated, I just wept out of thankfulness!  It could not have been orchestrated any better. I just marvel at the work of the Lord in composing all the round about ways that I would come to know Him. He was faithful to me before I even knew Him. He is faithful to me today to answer my prayers in such sweet ways that draw me closer to Him.

I am thankful for my mom urging me to go to UTC. I am thankful for Andy W. and Doug B. who introduced me to Paul and Jason. I’m thankful for Megan H. who dragged me to the Cru Bible studies the first few times. And I am eternally grateful to my spiritual father, Paul, for laying down his rights and making Christ known to college students.

Y’all this is the reminder that I need, daily. Christ not only changes lives, He is the author of life. That life we thought we had before was counterfeit, a sad replicate, to what Christ offers. There’s true freedom, joy so deep, genuine acceptance and everlasting hope found in Jesus. That’s the message I am excited to bring to college students stateside.

He is faithful and true. His love endures forever.

Top Four French Language Mistakes #FRENCHPROBLEMS

Many of you know I work for Whirlpool in their French Canadian department. Quebecois is very, very different than the French I learned at university and not even remotely the same as the Frolof I spoke in Senegal. Needless to say, talking to customers all day long in what I feel like is a third language makes for some interesting times. Here are a few of my favorite embarrassing moments from work! Enjoy!

Do you know the exact date of purchase?

I ask this question on EVERY call. And for the first month, no one said anything to me about this. Instead of saying, “la dah-t da sha” I was saying, “La dah-t da shaat.” The first means, “the date of purchase,” where the latter means, “the date of the cat.” Yup. Oh Lord. Check out a French video of a cat wiping out below to see my sentiments on the issue. PS- I’m the cat.

The payments are monthly.

[THIS MIGHT BE A LADIES ONLY ONE...] Let me preface this with, I have not said this to a customer. Sophia, a girl from Haiti, was practicing a script with me and helping me  learn some new vocab. She just told me the French word for monthly. It is mensuell. Don’t confuse it with another word that sounds just like it, menstrual otherwise you’ll be telling your clients their payments are in menstrual cycles.


My name is Mary Lou.

This is another pronunciation issue. In my defense, in Senegal we always said, “Je m’appelle” or “Mon Mary laa toodo.” We never said it this way. So, there’s my defense. Here’s the case: Yawo, a friend from the Togo, was listening to calls with me helping me if I didn’t understand or was confused on some vocab. He stopped me and said, “Mary Lou, stop saying the “m” at the end of ‘Mon nom est Marie Lou.’” I looked at him and realized what I had been saying:: My man is Mary Lou. Bless it.


Me as a man.

And lastly and most embarrassingly…

You can find your model and serial number on the back.

It all happened so fast that I can’t remember which definitive article or possessive article I used before the word back, but I am maybe 50% certain I used the word “votre” meaning “your” or “la” meaning “the.” I want to say that I used the word “la” because I would have a better defense, but I am pretty sure it was possessive.

You know that little French word, derriere? You know how us lil’ old Americans think its so funny to pretend like it means your butt? Well, mixed with the right articles, it does mean that in French. It also means behind, as in “My Chapstick fell behind my purse.” I was trying to tell the woman, that she would have to look behind the appliance to find her model and serial number. Instead? I either told her that her model and serial numbers were located on the butt -OR- on her butt.


Here’s to another day at Whirlpool hoping I don’t get fired! Please enjoy this video below that will show you my French isn’t all that terrible…. ;)


The Surprising Sovereignty of God


Sometimes I am shocked by God’s sovereignty. It shouldn’t surprise me, but it really does every time I experience Him as my sovereign Lord. It sets me back a little bit in humility thinking, “Wow, Jesus! You care that much to show up in my life in THOSE details and in THAT way.” It just really does amaze me.

Tonight I sat down to spend some time with the Lord and just began to pray. I am on steroids that have been dubbed as made by Satan himself, so I have been feeling so moody, grouchy, hungry all the time, and struggling with insomnia. [Sidenote: Prednisone, you're horrible]. I sat down to pray about my emotions and really wanting to push through those to meet God in a sweet time of worship through the word. Over and over I kept hearing, “Feelings and experiences do not equal truth.” That’s odd. But thanks for that Jesus, I guess.

But you know what? I needed to hear that. I struggle, really, with projecting emotions and past experiences onto other people and God. And as a result, I have a hard time believing God’s word.

I started to look at a journal from STINT and was encouraged by the entry for April 29, 2013. It was on the miracles of Jesus in Matthew 11. It noted that we can know and trust that Jesus was the messiah because He fulfilled every prophecy concerning the promised savior. I was so excited to read that, “Matthew 11- evidence Jesus gives that he is the promised Messiah: blind receive sight, deaf hear, lame walk, dead are raised, poor in spirit have good news. Isaiah 61:1-3. In all these miracles, we see Jesus is reversing and undoing the impacts of Genesis 3.”

I began reading where my ESV yearly devotion left off, in Isaiah 30. I began reading about Judah not trusting the Lord’s promise to save them from the.. ugh.. history is so not my thing. Assyrians? Anyways, instead of trusting the Lord, they rebelled. They sought out protection from tangible allies (ie Egypt. Less we forget, God had to rescue them from the Egyptians via Moses). They ran back into the arms of oppression due to fear and lack of trust. They allowed their emotions to steer them away from trusting the Lord.

Depressing right? Well, it gets better.

I continued reading in verse 15, “In repentance and rest you will be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength…” The Lord had already promised protection and deliverance. He’s asking them to trust Him. Repent. Trust. Be still and know.

I continued reading and then all of the sudden something clicks. In the promises of God from verses 19 onward, we see something eerily (probably not the best word) similar to Matthew 11.

[19] “You will weep no longer. He will surely be gracious to you at the sound of your cry, when He hears it, He will answer you.” The deaf hear…

[20] “…He your teacher will no longer hide himself, but your eyes will behold your teacher.” The blind receive sight…

[21] “Your ears will hear a word behind you, ‘This is the way, walk in it.’….” The deaf hear, the lame walk…

[29] “You will have songs as in the night when you keep the festival. And gladness of heart when one marches to the sound of the flute, to go to the mountain of the Lord, to the Rock of Israel…” The poor in spirit will have good news…


The soverign God of the universe, who holds all things together, orchestrated this time together with me. I am just so amazed at how the Lord speaks to us and sees us. How funny is it that this was my reading for today and it aligned with something I read while living in Africa exactly one year ago today. Amazing.

Is He speaking to you today? If so, comment below with how! :)

The Longest Plan of Salvation, Like Ever.


I’m a details kind of gal. I can’t help it. I blame it on my ADD. Mom used to say that when she would ask me to clean a room, she’d come back 45-minutes later to see the room looking like a disaster. But let me tell you, the window panels were cleaner than the day we got them. I’ve always been like that. I tend to be very focused on the details that make up the big picture.

When I sit down to study scripture, I am the same way. I spent about nine months in the book of Colossians, daily dissecting every single word in the book. I have to remind myself before studying to read the book fully first. I have to see the big picture, so I won’t miss the forest for the trees.

Today I sat down to study Romans. Lord bless it. I was in 1:1-4 for two and a half hours. I love connecting with the Lord that deeply, but I know (time wise) that’s not sustainable for everyday life. I wanted to share some thoughts on how cool these verses are:

1 Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God, 2 which he promised beforehand through his prophets in the holy Scriptures, 3 concerning his Son, who was descended from David according to the flesh 4 and was declared to be the Son of God in power according to the Spirit of holiness by his resurrection from the dead, Jesus Christ our lord,

Why are these verses important?

It’s important because it sets up verses 5-6. Well, and all of Romans concerning God’s plan of salvation.

I tried to sum up what these verses were saying. Here’s what I got, “The gospel of God was promised by God through His prophets in the OT. The gospel was always about Jesus-who was a descendant of David in the flesh and the Son of God in power, proven by his resurrection.”

Why are the Prophecies important? 

I thought to myself, “Why is it so crucial that Paul is confirming Christ’s fulfillment of prophecy to the church in Rome?”

One reason, I think, was to reaffirm that YHWH, the Lord our God, is the one true God and is sovereign over all creation. Looking back at the early Roman church, most of the people there were gentiles having come from a long line of polytheism. It’s essential to point out that there is only one God and He has made a way for redemption.

One cool thing is that these verses show is that Jesus Christ dying for the sins of man and conquering death through resurrection was God’s plan of redemption from the beginning of time. It wasn’t a “Whoops! Let’s see how this turns out and if I like this generation I’ll choose to save them, and if not oh well!” kind of thing. This was His plan because of who God is. The Lord’s character is consistent and has been since the beginning of time. His plan attests to that.

From cover to cover, we see that this was God’s plan and He has been faithful to complete it for His glory.We can see in Genesis that it is God’s plan for Jesus to crush the head of the serpent. In Revelation, we see Christ’s second coming and conquering sin, death and Satan for all eternity. It’s the same promises in all of scripture for all time that are all fulfilled by Christ. We know this to be true because of 2 Corinthians 1:20. There is not one promise that He has made that is not fulfilled in Christ.

These verses in Romans help show God’s goodness and His steadfastness to creation for thousands of years. And y’all, something I struggle with and fight to believe in? The fulfillment of His promises (that have already been fulfilled and will be fulfilled in Christ) are in no way dependent on me or my works. His plan for salvation was never “If you’re good enough, I’ll send a savior.” It was His plan to send a savior, and He is accomplishing it for His glory through which we benefit from that grace. It’s not about me. That’s a humbling position to be in.

Where in the OT is Jesus prophesied about?

Firstly, who even claimed (besides Paul) that the prophets were talking about Jesus? Well, in Luke 24, Jesus claims that!

In regards to the prophetic books, I don’t know about you, but I only ever really think about Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Isaiah. I think of all those verses that we look at around Christmas about the birth of Jesus. I looked it up in my ESV Study Bible (Thanks Steph Norris!) and found that there are former prophets, minor prophets and the main four everyone typically thinks of. And you know what’s cool, if you add up all the prophetic books in the OT, there are 22 in the OT. We all know, thanks to the help of the Jesus Storybook Bible, that all the stories in the Bible are about Jesus. It doesn’t matter if they are a “prophetic book” or not. But what is so cool is that the promises of the prophets in the OT are concerning His son, Jesus. That’s really cool! 22/36 books in the OT testify to Christ’s coming. Awesome.

Just to encourage you today that the gospel is God’s plan for salvation from the beginning of time, here’s a few verses I found in the OT that encouraged my heart that this whole Christianity thing isn’t made up. It’s too consistently true over mass amounts of time to be a lie.

Micah 5, Isaiah 53, Isaiah 42:1-9, Daniel 7:13-14 (cf. Mark 14:61-62 and Rev. 19:11-16).


One thing I think we can do as we reflect on these verses is ask God to make this truth deep to us. Worship Him that it is true and seek to dig deeper into His gospel of Grace, Mercy and Redemption.

He’s so good, y’all.